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Survivorgyrl Travel is a full service travel agency created to support people who desire to travel

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Who is Survivorgyrl?

My name is Nathalia Drew and I am the proud owner of Survivorgyrl Travel, LLC. 

Survivorgyrl Travel was born as a result of my commitment to myself to live my best life. The name Survivorgyrl was born during my two year battle with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. That name served as my strength through a very difficult  journey. Once I achieve remission, I started traveling and my life has become so much more enriched from my experiences. I want to help others to expand their horizons by traveling! Not only traveling but vacationing. My goal is to make travel accessible to all who think its impossible. 

Let us case manage your travel needs!

Survivorgyrl Travel 's mission is to providing personalized travel services to customers and organizations. Clients will receive quality services that are tailored to fit their travel wants, desires and needs

Yes, you can travel!

Just take a chance and allow us to create a unique experience for you!  


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Remember - Let us case manage your travel needs!

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